Natemamu ritual

13-22 january 2015

Ecuador, Gualaquiza

Ecuador, Gualaquiza 2015

The Natemamu is one of the deepest rituals of the shuar that purifies all physical and spiritual cells. It is very healing and harmonizes the life of the participant and all his relations.

January 12 arrival of participants

January 13 opening ceremony with NATEM
to send messages to the ARUTAM of the waterfalls

January 14 walk to the waterfalls
10.00 a.m. leaving the the house
2.00 p.m.arriving at AYAMTAY(which means place to rest)
3.30 p.m.taking tobacco to go to the waterfall
4.30 p.m.Ritual of TUNAKARAMAMU
6.00 p.m.drinking a bowl of tobacco at AYAMTAY
spending the night in the forest
going back home in the morning

January 15 first day of NATEMAMU
5.30 a.m. arriving at the house
preparing the medicine for the night
5.00 p.m. drinking the medicine prepared as a tea in huge quantity

January 16 second day of NATEMAMU
January 17 third day of NATEMAMU
January 18 fourth day of NATEMAMU

January 19 closing the NATEMAMU in the morning with tobacco,
blessing the aliments,
day of resting

January 20 ceremony at the beach with NATEM

January 21 ceremony at the house with NATEM,
YANTSAU,tobacco and other plants
to completely purify all participants

January 22 again ceremony with NATEM,YANTSAU,tobacco and other plants

For further information and all details about the diet to keep one month before and one month after the treatments please contact TSUNKI CHIRIAP on facebook!


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Ще присъствате ли на курса
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